Glasses On A Woman.... What Are Men's Thoughts On The Matter?

Glasses On A Woman.... What Are Men's Thoughts On The Matter?

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Glasses on a woman? Are they considered sexy or nerdy? We uncover the truth.

Glasses on woman

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We expose the top seven reasons that men love women in glasses.

Glasses on a woman

Glasses can be very sexy - especially if you choose the right shape

Glasses can really make a face more beautiful according to some of the men on the forum girls ask guys

However that can be, provided you choose the right style for your face shape. 

@Genie23 makes the point that choosing the right pair is very important. If you choose the wrong shape, it can result in your best features not being made the most out of. For example, you can choose a pair that eclipses your beautiful cheekbones.

In our previous article, we discuss choosing the right shades for your face shape. if you want to pick up any style tips for yourself.

Glasses on a woman

The wrong pair can really not make you present the best of yourself to the world. As we discussed in our previous article, if you have a round face, you need to find glasses with angles and if you are more 'square' you need to contrast this with roundness. 

Can make you look intelligent 

The next reason why men love women wearing glasses is because they can make you look more intelligent. Glasses give off a 'bookish' vibe. The kind of woman that will wear them can appear to be more studious, intelligent and even someone who a man could potentially enjoy having a serious discussion with and eventually settle down with. 

Glasses look intelligent

In society we largely have stereotypes that have been backed up by various universities from all over the Western world supporting this theory that glasses make you look more intelligent.

In France studies have been made that suggested that people with better jobs and those of whom are more educated wear glasses, as discussed in Psypost

The University of Edinburgh did a study on this glasses phenomena and their findings after studying 300,000 participants concluded that people who were more intelligent were nearly 30% more likely to have the genes for defective eyesight.

However a University in Jordan have concluded the very opposite. The implication being that in the Arab part of the world glasses are perceived to make you look less intelligent as discussed in Cureus.

Can make you look approachable

Some men believe that glasses can make women look more approachable.

The implication is that they are presenting more of their authentic selves and look more human. To many people, being human is about showing people that you have flaws. Even though having less than perfect eyesight is no major flaw- you may look like the kind of person that a man will want to show his vulnerable side to.

Some believe that wearing too much make up on the other hand can look like the wearer wants to seem 'too perfect' - thereby wearing a mask and hiding under this. 

Glasses make you look more approachable

Can make you look serious

Picture of businesswoman

Sometimes glasses can make women seem more serious. For example, lawyers, judges and beyond. I have heard that people in positions of power or authority (any gender) will often wear those to command more authority- whether they need them or not. 

Moreover, court rooms are places that eyeglasses can be used to help a verdict.

Michael Brown, Assistant Proffessor of Psychology at the University of New York was able to show proof that the presence of glasses were able to assist criminals to be seen as less guilty.  Defendants in this study were concluded to seemingly have more intelligence with glasses, which meant that they could be taken more seriously.

Can make your face more symmetrical

Having a symmetical face is apparently what makes us beautiful and glasses can often help us achieve that symmetry and can be the 'cherry on the top.'

Why is perfect symmetry seen as beautiful? Dr Nathan H Lents discusses this in his article in Psychology Today.

He says that all of this boils down to primal mating. We are all subconsciously looking for a mate with good genes and physical health. 

William Brown - the co-Director of the Centre for Culture and Evolutional Psychology from the University of Brunel says- 'symmetry reflects good development.' Therefore healthy off-spring. 

Glasses can balance off our features that aren't so perfect and provide some symmetry and indeed help us to attract a mate, albeit subconsciously. 

Can complement your natural beauty

If you are already beautiful, glasses cannot take your beauty away from you. Men will be dreaming of what you look like when you have taken them off and if you normally wear them all day, then taking them off just for them will make them feel real intimacy towards you.

If you wear the right pair of sunglasses for your face shape you can really show off your best assets. If you have beautiful eyes and eyebrows, show them off with the right pair!

Can give an alter - ego effect

woman of mystery

©Pixabay Woman of Mystery

Men can also love the 'alter ego' effect of glasses. For example in porn films you may see a woman transform from a nerdy librarian type to a vixen.

We also see this stereotype play out in the male world too. We only have to look at Clark Kent in 'Superman' to see this theory. Clark Kent metamorphoses from a a 'geeky' but 'cute' character into a different kind of sexy when he turns into Superman.

Clark Kent Superman


What we have dicovered here- is that there is more to a woman who wears glasses!


I have listed seven top reasons why men love glasses on a woman. However in reality it really shouldn't matter what men or anyone else thinks on the matter. 

We all have to learn to love ourselves and if we really can't do that then no one can love us back.

The question is- how do you feel about yourself? 

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