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Halston Sunglasses Ewan McGregor Netflix

Halston Sunglasses Ewan McGregor Netflix

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Halston Sunglasses Netflix


The sunglasses the character Halston wears in the show on Netflix are just pure genius and I am sure many people are going crazy ordering them right now.


They epitomise the 1980's Aviators style of the day. They are a slightly 'bigger' and more exciting spin on the ones Tom Cruise wore for the film 'Top Gun.' 


The actual designer sunglasses Ewan McGregor wears in the film are produced by Tom Ford and are called the Injected Aviator Sunglasses. (Top Picture)


(Picture Below) Features our own equivalent of the 'Halston Sunglasses' look. Similar style, but a much more cost effective version. Click on the picture to check it out! 


Tom Ford Injector Aviator Sunglasses


Tom Ford Aviator Look


What was Halston known for?


Halston and Friends


Halston & Friends (Circa 1980.)



Halston was an American born fashion designer from Iowa who started off as a window dresser before becoming a hat maker. He opened up his hat store in 1953. 

His hats were worn by the rich and famous in America in the fifties. This included the infamous pillar box hat was worn by Jackie Kennedy at her husband's inaugration cermony for presidency. This was his first step on the ladder to fame.


Halston Pillar Box Hat


When hats became less fashionable, Halston then moved on to fashion and opened his first store in 1968.


Who is responsible for the wardrobe in the 'Halston' series?


Jeriana San Juan was the chief wardrobe designer behind the Netflix production and the person we need to thank for bringing this fashion back into the forefront along with the show creators.

She designed all 1200 of the outfits, recreating everything as Halston would have made it. She studied his entire fashion career and emulated every single look herself- occasionally using actual Halston pieces.


Halston Evening Dress


Halston evening dress- Metropolitan Museum of Art- USA


San Juan was always inspired by Halston in her fashion career, before she was even asked to provide the fashion for the show. When she was booked she had to delve even further to find all the nuances of Halston, by looking through the extensive Women's Wear Daily Archive (WWD) at the New York Public Library to get the show's fashion 100% spot on.


Ewan McGregor Sunglasses - Halston


The black aviator sunglasses are so incredibly memorable in the series and they are featured so prominently.


Ewan wearing Halston Sunglasses


Here is the actual Halston (below) wearing his signature look


Halston 1971 Aviators


Why do we like them so much?


The sunglasses are bold, iconic and suggest power and sophistication. 

Halston sunglasses style




These glasses also look wonderful when you wear them with a simple outfit. They do not need much dressing around them. Less is more when you wear this style.


Ewan McGregor rocks the aviator glasses with a simple trench coat, roll neck and sleek trousers.....and yes that outfit can also look good on any gender... just simply anyone.


Note to self: buy tight tailored trenchcoat 🖤💋


1980's Aviator Sunglasses- Ewan

1980's Aviator Sunglasses- Ewan


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