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About Us- Retro and Modern Sunglasses

Sarah Coburn actor

Hello I am Sarah from the UK. After many years of different careers- including acting (which I still do-)


I joined home enterprise 'laptop culture,' and decided to unleash my love of sunglasses to the rest of the world. I have always felt that running a business is about giving back and community and what I most love is finding charitable causes and being able to support the people who need it the most. 


What is Jadore Sunglasses about? 


J'adore is a quality chic sunglasses fashion store. Taken from the French expression "J'adore" meaning '"I Love". All of our glasses have been chosen with love and hand-picked to reflect timeless or current trends.

We have a large selection of modern and retro sunglasses. 


Jadore began with three missions in mind



We wanted to provide affordable glasses that reflected the current fashionable trends and timeless classic styles. Not everyone has the budget to spend lots of money, especially in this climate of Covid-19. We see pictures of celebrities wearing glasses that are for the large part, unobtainable. This is why we will always provide free shipping and we will always keep our prices low. 

Jadore believes in giving back...

We are also proud supporters of the nature conservancy charity and we give back 6% of our profits in our sustain-ably sourced section to a charity that is dedicated to support the environment by re-planting trees.We are also looking into a huge project, that will entail donating funds to third world countries to enable essential sight saving cataract operations to those countries that do not have a proper health care service (we will blog on this very soon.)



Providing exceptionally high customer service

We believe that the customer is always 100% right. There are too many companies out there, that will contest refunds or just offer a partial refund. We want the customer to feel like that are heard- which is why we will always a offer a 'no quibble' returns service and answer emails really quickly. 


Shine on and be fabulous

Sarah xx