Choose Sunglasses For Your Face Online

Choose Sunglasses For Your Face Online

Sarah Cockburn
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Choose Sunglasses For Your Face Online

In this article we explain the kinds of sunglasses that will look good to suit the shape of your face. We understand that buying sunglasses can often be a minefield. There are probably lots of sunglasses you see on celebrities that you would like to wear yourself. However, that doesn't always mean that the 'look' will work on you. 

Our objective is to put together a helpful informative guide so you can make your own choice.

First of all, its very important to know what shaped face that you have. We put together an article some time ago, sunglasses for face shape that may help you decide. 

The general rule of thumb is to go for an opposite pair of glasses to you face shape. That means, round faces need angles and angled faces need rounder shaped glasses. It's all about off-setting the balance.

Trendy Glasses For Oval Face- Female face

If you have an oval shaped face, your first port of call should be buying a pair of Aviator Sunglasses. The model here is me and I will explain the kinds of sunglasses that I can wear on my oval face. 

Choose Sunglasses For Your Face Online

Photograph © David Myers Photography

As you can see- when wearing Aviator sunglasses, the round edges of the Aviator glasses complement the jawline nicely and the cheekbones. 

Choose sunglasses for your face

Another look that Oval face shapes can wear are cat eye glasses as they complement the chin so well.

cat eye look

Rectangle Sunglasses on an oval face can also look pretty cool as we are drawn to the shape of the jawline

rectangle Sunglasses

Round sunglasses also look fabulous on oval shaped faces, especially those with a cat eye point to them also.

round sunglasses for oval face shape

Best Sunglasses For Round face

Round faces are all about adding angles to them. You have to think about offering a contrast. It has to go against the natural curves to provide length.

round face aviators

Aviators also work on round faces, as it helps to balance out the roundness of the face and makes the face look slimmer. In fact. Aviators work well on most face shapes.

Square sunglasses on round face

Square sunglasses on round faces work like a dream too. The break up the natural curvature of the face and offer some added dimensions.

Wayfarers on round faces (below) are also a really good look

Wayfarers for round faces

Wayfarers are an excellent choice for those with a round face. The sharp brow line is in perfect contrast to the face shape- which makes it really stand out. 

Sunglasses For Square Face Shape

Square face shapes can be contrasted with rounder shapes to look off balance the angles. An aviator shape (below) can really enhance the look

Sunglasses for Square Face Shape

Round sunglasses as below look perfect too and help to soften the face.

round sunglasses for square face shape

Glasses For Rectangular Face Female

Glasses for Rectangu;ar face female

If you have a rectangular shaped face- then aviators, oversized round glasses and round glasses work the best for you.

If you are still struggling to work out what sunglasses you need- send us a photograph of your face looking dead on towards the camera and we will take a look for you and come up with some shape ideas. 

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