Billing Terms and Conditions


The full expense that a user will bear before and after purchase is reflected on the checkout page - the total amount is the item price + shipping (free shipping site-wide) + sales tax.
The full final price customers pay is calculated automatically on the checkout page.

For online shipping orders

We accept PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Diners Club, etc. as well as credit/debit cards payment.

Sales Tax

We don't charge sales tax.

Free Shipping

We always offer free shipping on all our products no matter what. There will be some products however, where we cannot deliver to certain countries. However, this will be shown on the product description.  



As long as the item is not damaged, we will be very happy to refund your item within the 30 day of purchase period. 


Payment Provider

We use a third party payment provider - which always keeps your bank details safe and confidential. We have a privacy policy.  We will not be responsible for any malware that could potentially intercept your details. However, we will always keep your details safe on our end.



We can only cancel an order, if the product has not left the warehouse. If it has, we will not be able to cancel this. Therefore, when it arrives your end - you can contact us to initiate a refund. 


 Risk to Loss

Risk to loss passes to you upon receipt of the item. If the item has been lost in transit - then it is up to us to re-send and chase the item.