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3 Kim Kardashian Sunglasses Styles To Inspire You

3 Kim Kardashian Sunglasses Styles To Inspire You

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We love Kim Kardashian Sunglasses Styles....

 Kim Kardashian in Vogue Arabia

Kim Kardashian- Vogue Arabia


Kim Kardashian is known to the world mainly by her reality TV Series 'Keeping up with the Kardashian's.' She has also been married to the famous Rapper, Kanye West and has four children.


Kim Kardashian – Queen of style 

She is a bonafide 'queen of style' and has a worldwide reputation and is the inspiration for many people of different ages. She is forty years old, yet can inspire young teenagers and much older people. She shows people that you can still look and feel sexy even when you are a busy Mum. 


Kim is one of the most followed instagrammers, with a whopping 211 million followers and is the owner of 'SKIMS,' a solution orientated brand that creates shapewear, underwear and lounge wear. She also has her own fragrance and make-up line also coming out very soon.


Many people can relate to her, because she is not your atypical super- skinny model. She celebrates her natural curves. She has a larger bottom and hips and she uses these as attributes and displays her body with total confidence.


In fact her naturally curvy body complements the types of glasses she wears.


kim naked on the front of paper magazine

 Kim on the front of the Paper magazine 2014


How to look like Kim Kardashian


  1. Flat top Kim K sunglasses 


As a very curvy woman, Kim goes against the grain and chooses a contrast to her body with flat top sunglasses. Her cheekbones are complemented well by the geometric edges.


Kim Kardashian Sunglasses Styles

 Kim Kardashian wearing flat top's


Kim K style flat shield sunglasses



Flat Top Oversize Gradient Square Sunglasses- Kim K

Flat Top Oversize Gradient Square Sunglasses- Kim K


Bring out your funky street edge style that meets glamour with these Kim Kardashian oversized gradient flat top square sunglasses  😎 Comes in a variety of different colors for every style and occasion 🖤 Pair these with some nude lip...Read More

  1. Kim Kardashian Cat Eye 

She tends to wear oversized cat eye glasses, that are much rounder than usual and have winged edges. This style complements her lines from her cheekbones to her chin.


Kim K wearing cat eye sunglasses

Kim K wearing cat eye glasses


cat eye glasses Kim K

Round Cat Eye- Farryn

Round Cat Eye- Farryn


We love your sophistication and classic style 😍 These sunglasses scream fashion and sophistication 😎 Made with anti scratch material- to be worn for many seasons. Pair these with a Faux fur coat and high stilettos and become the next...Read More



  1. Kim K large square sunglasses


Kim is a huge fan of oversized sunglasses. A feature of many prominent celebrities. We often see famous people like Lady GaGa wearing them in airports like LAX. 

Jackie Onassis in the sixties also made huge fashion statements wearing this style. 


They echo the Hollywood paparazzi vibe and scream 'I am a superstar.'


They also complement Kim's big beautiful lips very well because we are drawn to them.


 Kim K oversized glasses look


 Buy now kim K oversized sunglasses


Large Square Designer Sunglasses- Tabitha

Large Square Designer Sunglasses- Tabitha


Like you- these  large square designer sunglasses are there to make a statement 😎 With their boldness and sex appeal- you really are someone who knows their own mind and is very happy to show it ❤ Our glasses come...Read More

If there are any sunglasses you have also seen that she wears and you would particularly like us to feature them- please comment below.....

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