Square Cat Eye Frames- From Influencers to Celebs!

Square Cat Eye Frames- From Influencers to Celebs!

Sarah Cockburn
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Square cat eye frames are very much on trend at the moment and are a favourite with influencers as well as celebrities.

Whenever we decide what sunglasses we are going to stock, we always look at what other people are wearing to get inspiration.

Emma Hill

(is a firm favourite of ours.)

Emma Hill (from London, UK) has an instagram following of 818k followers. There is a huge reason for this. She shows how to rock the smart casual vibe. She show cases anything from coats to jumpers, down to accessories such as sunglasses. She teaches us that you don't neccessarily need to have a wallet full of cash to wear the right clothes. She wears high street clothes for example and pairs them with a pair of her favourite Celine sunglasses. However, if you read her blogs- she points out cheaper eqivalent of the sunglasses she is wearing and that is why we love her so much. She is even partial to buying second vintage sunglasses.

Square Cat Eye Frames

Emma Hill is very fond of Celine sunglasses and their square shaped cat eye varieties and le specs, which are very similar to this style we have on sale.

Next up is...

Hailey Bieber

She is a model and media personality and is married to Justin Bieber. She is also one to watch on the fashion trail as she always starts a trend or causes a trend to take hold with her nearly 42 million followers.

Which sunglasses does Hailey Bieber wear?

Her firm favourites sunglasses are there to see on instagram, and just like Emma she often wears square cat eye frames.

Let's take a look 

Hailey Bieber Sunglasses

Sometimes, Hayley can opt for more square frames- like the ones below

Hayley Bieber Square Frames

Another huge fashion influence who we are currently glued to at the moment is...

Georgina Gio

Georgina Gio is Christiano Ronaldo's girlfriend and Mother to his children. She has a staggering 36.3 million follwers. Christiano met her at a luxury fashion house (Gucci) in Madrid when she was a store assistant in 2016 and now she is a Netflix star and fashion icon.

We love her - as not only is she down to earth and humble, but she knows a thing or two about fashion. Check out her square shades.

You can grab a similar pair- based on the style below

Gio Georgina Square Sunglasses

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