Celebrity Flat Top Sunglasses- Check Out Their Style!

Celebrity Flat Top Sunglasses- Check Out Their Style!

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Flat top square sunglasses are an incredibly popular style at the moment and have become a signature style for many celebrities. We love the celebrity flat top sunglasses look.



Straight Top Sunglasses


They are futuristic, bold, scream confidence and are worn by celebrities who are regarded as iconic. 

Daniel Beckerman from RetroSuperfuture is the brains behind this style which was created in 2007.

He was inspired by the concept of Retrofuturism, which is a selection of ideas or artistic concepts of what our future may look like. 

As early as the 1960's film makers and artists would depict their visions of a real or imagined future. Furniture and clothing were also inspired by this movement. This is a theme that we have carried on with throughout history.



Retro Futurism Fashion


Why do we like Flat Top Square Sunglasses?

We cannot see the person's expressions under the glasses, which gives them an air of mystery, which adds sex appeal. Plus we have boldness and confidence. 


Celebrity Flat Top Sunglasses

 We have chosen five celebrities examples who we believe really rock this style.


Kim Kardashian Flat Top Sunglasses

Kim K is the celebrity who is celebrity who wears this style the most often. She has the perfect shaped oval face and her cheekbones complement the geometric design. There is a perfect diagonal line to her lips from the edges of the sunglasses. 



Kim K Flat Top Sunglasses Look 



Chrissy Teigen 

Chrissy looks fabulous as she has such pronounced cheekbones, which you can see from the front. Its lovely to see such a contrast in her glasses, to see a contrast from the roundness in her face.




Chrissy T Flat Top Sunnies



Jennifer Lopez

We are drawn to her beautiful shaped jawline, which we may not have noticed so much otherwise. The red lipstick really gives the wow factor to this look.

 Jennifer Lopez Celebrity Flat Top Sunglasses



Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is never afraid to be bold. The only thing she seems to be afraid of, is being too boring- which is why we love her. She always manages to pull off a complex choice of outfit. She has even managed to work her flat top sunglasses to complement her flat fringe. The roundness of her hairstyle even goes well with the roundness of her sunglasses at the bottom. 




Lady Gaga Flat Top Sunglasses



Victoria Beckham

These glasses seem to be her signature style. She always wears simple but sexy dark outfits to complement the glasses. It is almost as though-the glasses are the most important item on the list and the rest follows. She also has an oval face and the geometric design of the glasses works well with her face shape.



Flat Top Sunglasses Victoria Beckham


These celebrity examples are really helpful to so we can decide how to wear them.

Whether that is with a dark simple outfit, nude lipgloss or even bright red lipstick like J.Lo.

On another note, I am inspired by Lady Gaga's fringe complementing with the flat top. 



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