Why We Love Aviator Style Glasses

Why We Love Aviator Style Glasses

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What is special about Aviator Sunglasses?

Aviator style glasses have a level of sex appeal about them. When we look at them- we think about Tom Cruise wearing them in the 1986 block buster film, 'Top Gun.'

Aviator Style Glasses


We think about heroes and people coming to save us or look after us because of their appearance in war time history.

It makes us think about real masculinity and what that means to us. For a masculine man it can make you feel for masculine. 

Their shape, furthermore can make you feel more sexy on any gender that wears them. 

We also see them gracefully adorning the faces of many celebrities too. For example Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.


Celebrities wearing aviator sunglasses


Usher and Tom Cruise are also fans of this look. 


Tom Cruise and Usher wearing Aviator Sunglasses



History of Aviator Sunglasses


Aviators were initially designed for pilots in 1935 by American Optical. They were called military Aviator sunglasses. By 1941 they were mass produced for US Army Air Corps and the US Navy. The lenses carried an Army/ Navy specification number: AN6531.


The glasses were made, so that only 50% of the light would be transmitted into them.


After the second world war, these glasses became available to the public, as there were extras available to buy, therefore starting a new fashion trend and have remained popular ever since.



Do Pilots wear Aviators?


Many pilots wear Aviator sunglasses as they were initially designed for that purpose. Their tear drop shape is designed to prevent glare from the sun. However, as time has passed they have become a fashion accessory too and there are probably many aviator sunglasses that would not be fit for purpose in a flight. 


Pilots cannot just choose any kind of sunglasses they like- there are rules. And you would expect there to be rules, as you need to have perfect vision to fly a plane.


According to the UK Civil Aviation Authority- here are the rules:


  • Tint must be neutral in color. For example, grey or brown.
  • Tint should be no darker than 80% absorption
  • A graduated tint is allowed (dark to light)
  • Photochromic lenses is not permitted, as they get darker when the sun penetrates them.
  • Polarized lenses are also not allowed as they can alter the appearance around you- which could be very dangerous.
  • Frames must fit well
  • Pilots needs prescription lenses, must be sunglasses that are also prescription
  • Plano sunglasses are not permitted over prescription sunglasses
  • For night flying, there must not be any tint.



When did Aviators become popular Who made Aviators Cool?


Aviators became more popular after the second world war as they were worn by huge iconic pop stars such as Elvis Presley (below) in the Fifties and Sixties.


Elvis Presley Aviator Sunglasses



Iconic pop stars like Michael Jackson and George Michael were often always spotted wearing them. As soon as a popular artist starts wearing an item, it doesnt take long to catch on to their fans. 


Michael Jackson Aviator Sunglasses




What Face Shape Can Wear Aviators?


Aviator eyeglass frames can be worn best on oval shaped faces, square shaped faces and heart shaped faces. They can occasionally suit a round shaped face, as they are thought to balance out the face. 

For a guide on face shapes, refer to our earlier article on this, by clicking on the picture below.


What is your face shape?



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