Floating Polarized Sunglasses. What are they?

Floating Polarized Sunglasses. What are they?

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Floating polarized sunglasses are becoming more and more popular in particular when it comes to both holiday makers and those doing any kind of water based activities. 

It is logic- really.  

I mean, when you think of it- why would you even purchase a pair of glasses that could potentially sink? Well up until now, most of us actually did. And if you are 'like me' - and always wearing a face full of make up, diving down to the bottom of the pool to get those shades is not really an option.

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Best Sunglasses for Boating

Floating glasses are fantastic for boating because if they fall overboard, they can be retrieved easily, due to the fact that they are made from lighter composite materials than other sunglasses, such as polycarbonate or bamboo.

If you purchase a pair of really good polarized sunglasses with UV400, glare from the sunlight is also reduced, giving you better visibility.

It is recommended that you buy wrap around glasses or even buy a special cord to keep these glasses firmly in place, especially if you are doing water sports- such as Jet skiing.

Floating Fishing Sunglasses

Float eyewear is also a really firm fisherman's choice too. It is strongly recommended that the glasses are both wrap around and polarized with full UV protection. 

Floating Sunglasses for Surfing 

Floating sunglasses are a 'must have' for surfers for the same reasons as the 'boaters' and the 'fisherman'- but in addition, they need a very secure tie for them at the back to ensure that their sunglasses do not come off whilst they are riding the waves. 

Floating Sunglasses for Paddle-boarding

Paddle boarding is a popular sport for holiday makers, children because it is such an easy sport to do and is very enjoyable. Either you lie on the board and paddle with your arms on either side, or you can stand up with a rudder and row on a calm sea. It is a very popular sport. Just like surfing, there is a need to have sunglasses that can stay firmly attached to your face, and if they fall off- you can easily grab them. 

Checklist for Floating Sunglasses

Does it matter what kind of colored polarized lenses I buy?

The answer is yes. Before purchasing these kinds of glasses you need to think about what you need to use them for and what the conditions will be around you. For example if you are boating, black lenses are perfect for bright days as they minimize glare from the water. Even better still are mirrored, because whilst black absorbs all the light and makes visibility better, you can still have blind spots. Having mirrored spectacles removes that issue.

what color sunglass lens is the best

What color lenses for boating

what color lenses can I buy for fishing

what color lenses can i wear if i am surfing

To summarize, these sunglasses are perfect for a host of different water activities. For example, if you are on holiday and will be sitting by the pool, whether you are boating, surfing, fishing.

These shades are also perfect sunglasses for paddle-boarding.

Floating Sunglasses

We have a recommended pair which is perfect for general use, as they have a wrap around feature around the sides, are UV400 protected, polycarbonate and polarized and come with a free case. 

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