What Is the Best Way to Clean Sunglasses

What Is the Best Way to Clean Sunglasses

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Many customers ask us, "What Is the Best Way to Clean Sunglasses?"
To help us answer that questions, we have liaised with opticians to help us provide you with the best answers.
What is the best way to clean sunglasses
Bearing in mind that glasses house the most dangerous forms of Staph (Staphylococcus) bacteria, it is most important to really take care of them. Studies have found that the ear clips and nose pads are the areas that really need to be paid attention to as you are cleaning and are often ignored. There was a 2018 study, that pinpointed that these were the most prominent places that the bacterial infection tended to be.
It is important to note that all areas of your sunglasses and glasses need to be cleaned thoroughly. 
Here are a list of Do's and Dont's in regards to taking care of your sunglasses


How to Clean spectacles 

Use a Microfibre towel to wash sunglasses
Keep a microfibre towel in your handbag and under your sink with the rest of your eyeglass care equipment. You can buy these towels from places like ebay Amazon very cleaply. Many of our sunglasses that we have on sale also have free microfibre towels with the products. 
Microfibre Towel
Run under a tap of Water with Detergent
Run sunglasses under a stream of luke warm water every morning and evening with a very mild natural hand soap detergent.
Running Tap Water
Buy an Ultrasonic Eye Glass Cleaner
These machines are absolutely wonderful and are incredibly cheap to buy- around £14.00/ $19 USD. These use clean water which uses sound frequencies to vibrate particles and oils in water. 
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Lens Cleaning Wipes
Packaged lens cleaning wipes are fantastic as they don't contain any harmful microscopic fibres that we may find on a regular cloth. Even traces of tumble-drier papers, can land on cloths- that can damage our glasses. These wipes can offer a 100% guarantee that the cloth and substance is pure and then won't cause any damage. 
Lens Cleaning Wipes
 Never use Glass Cleaner or Dishwashing Detergent
Glass cleaner is too abrasive for sunglasses. They could very easily damage the coatings of your glasses. The same applies to dishwashing detergent. It is far too strong. I have noticed that there are many articles online that suggest this is ok. According to Opticians, this is not good advice. 
Glass Cleaner
Don't Use Paper Towels to Clean your Sunglasses
Although it may be tempting to take a paper towel to your sunglasses, be very aware that these towels contain wood chippings in them and you would be likely to cause your sunglasses a lot of damage if you were to rub your sunglasses with them. We advise you not to do this and just stick to microfibre cloths.
Paper Towels
Never use clothes to clean your sunglasses 
Rubbing your glasses on your clothes is never a good idea to wipe smears from your glasses. Clothes contain small fibres that could very easily damage the lining of the lenses. Always just stick to the microfibre cloth suggestion. 
 Shirt Photo
Do not use alcohol based detergents on sunglasses
Many sunglasses have such sensitive coatings, it is never a good idea to put any acid based solvents on your glasses. 
Alcohol Disinfectant
And lastly.....
Buy a hard Glasses Case
It is very important that you have a proper sunglasses case to protect them. I have lost count how many times, I have damaged the lenses on my sunglasses, by placing them loosely in my bag with keys and credit cards.
Most of our sunglasses on sale come with a free case. 
Hard Glasses Case 
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