History of Steampunk Fashion- Jadore Sunglasses

History of Steampunk Fashion- Jadore Sunglasses

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The History of Steampunk Fashion

History of Steampunk Fashion

Steampunk glasses were first invented in the Victorian era. They were seen as a futuristic take on steam powered technology.

steam punk engine

womans steam punk glasses

Modern take (above) on steam punk eyewear

There are many different types of steampunk glasses. Below we have the typical 'steampunk goggles,' which are the most recognistable type in the genre.

Steampunk goggle look

Why is steampunk so popular

Steam punk is a popular fashion genre that never seems to go out of fashion. It was named 'steam-punk' by fictional writer Bruce Sterling and William Gibson who wrote 'The Difference Engine.' It was formally called Cyber punk.

Difference engine book

What is the purpose of steampunk?

There are many different purposes for wearing steam punk outfits. Some people wear the clothes daily because they love the style and other people love to wear steampunk to go to conventions and meet other fans of this genre. 

The whole essence of steam punk is also magical and mystical and inspires people. We have seen this kind of fashion genre in books and films to do with time machines. So it represents exciting new beginnings or a new world. For example, Time Machine by H.G Wells.

There are no rules by wearing steam punk clothing and glasses. They are just worn by people that are captivated by the elegant victorian era.

steam punk cosplay

Steampunk girl

'Steampunk Girl'

You can take the victorian fashion genre as far as you like: corsets, tall hats, gloves, pocket watches.

Some people (like myself) take snippets of this genre, for example with these glasses, which are a modern retro seventies spin on the Steam punk genre. They are classed as steam punk due to their heavy gold alloy frames.

Where is Steampunk most popular?

Steam punk is popular all over the world. Most countries like the US have a dedicated following of steam punk 'members' who go to conventions. In particular there is one in Morristown New Jersey called 'International Steam Punk City.' People flock internationally to see lectures on fashion in the Victorian era, Blacksmithing demonstrations and self guided tours in the national Historic Landmark Factory Building. 

International SteamPunk City

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