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10 Celebrities That Wear Heart Shaped Sunglasses

10 Celebrities That Wear Heart Shaped Sunglasses

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Heart shaped sunglasses are extremely popular today and we see many celebrities that wear heart shaped sunglasses even now.


However, they are not a new addition to fashion. They have been around for decades. In the seventies both George Harrison and Marianne Faithfull would wear them.


Celebrities that Wear Heart Shaped Sunglasses


They started to become more fashionable in 1997 after the Stanley Kubrick poster was released for his film 'Lolita.' The sunglasses then ended up by default being called 'Lolita Sunglasses.'

Lolita Sunglasses


The film depicts a provocative teenager and her step father who becomes obsessed by her, to the point where he is driven mad. She becomes his 'forbidden fruit' (so to speak.)


The seem to be an emblem of sexuality, passion and even innocence -due to their child like look and are seen as a timeless retro fashion piece. They tend to be worn by trend setting artists- such as Harry Styles and Katy Perry.


The heart shaped eye wear style can also be seen by festival goers all over the world that like to inject a bit of fun into their outfits.



Harry Styles Heart Sunglasses Watermelon Sugar


In Harry Styles' Watermelon Sugar video, he is sporting a red pair of heart shaped sunglasses. The theme of the video is 1970's and the clothing has vibes of George Harrison and Mick Jagger- who Harry gets compared to a lot, and his clothing styles seem to reflect.


Harry Styles Red Heart Shaped Sunglasses


His stylist is reported to have sourced these from the National theatre costume hire department and are authentically vintage. They certainly have made a 'stir' on twitter, as many people have been talking about them.



Elton John heart shaped sunglasses


Elton John is the absolute queen of outlandish clothing. Like Liberace and many stars of even today- have an alter ego and have a persona on stage that is wild and exciting. Elton John has been snapped wearing these many times. He tends to wear heart shaped sunglasses with red lenses.


Elton John Wearing Heart Shaped Sunglasses


Taron Egerton in the Rocket Man, who plays Elton John- also wears these sunglasses with red lenses.


Taron Egerton Wearing Heart Shaped Sunglasses


Katy Perry Heart Shaped Sunglasses


In Katy Perry's 'This is how we do' music video, she is also seen with red heart shaped sunglasses and similar to Harry Styles is sporting a slice of watermelon. Coincidence or not? I actually think not. As I mentioned earlier, the fruit symbolises 'forbidden fruit-' and cross references the film Lolita somewhat.


Katy Perry Heart Shaped Sunglasses


Heart Shaped Sunglasses – Taylor Swift


She seems to be a real fan of heart shaped glasses. She wore a yellow lens pair in her 'Calm Down' video and has been seen wearing red framed heart shaped glasses with black lenses.


Taylor Swift Heart Shaped Sunglasses


Emily Rossum- Heart Shaped Sunglasses


She is also a fan of heart framed sunglasses. There was a beautiful photograph of her on the set of 'comet' wearing white frame heart sunglasses.


Emily Rossum Wearing Heart Shaped Sunnies


Paris Hilton- Heart shaped sunglasses


Paris Hilton is an extremely girly girl and loves a bit of playful dressing. She wears a lot of pink and we can see why she loves the style so much as it is in keeping with her fun nature.


 Paris Hilton Heart Shaped Sunglasses


Ariana Grande heart shaped sunglasses


Ariana Grande Heart Shaped Sunglasses


We love Ariana's heart shaped floral sunglasses. They have created a stir on the internet and we can see why.


Heart shaped sunglasses Vanessa Hudgens


Vanessa Hudgens rocks the bohemian look with these heart shaped spectacles. These shades perfect complement a trip to the coachella festival.


Vanessa Hudgens Heart Shaped Sunglasses


Anne Curtis Smith- heart shaped sunglasses


Is show stopping in these white pair of heart shaped sunglasses. She is frequently seen with different colours.


Anne Curtis Smith Heart Shaped Sunglasses


Zoey Deschanel


We love Zooey's style. She is very retro chic and she is fun and playful and has been spotted many times wearing these kinds of shades. She is the ultimate festival boho girl.


Zooey Deschanel Heart Sunglasses


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