1980s Style Sunglasses-  Our Top Four Styles

1980s Style Sunglasses- Our Top Four Styles

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1980s Style Sunglasses- Our Top 4 Styles 

You would not be alone if you have noticed that eighties style fashion has re-emerged and has become bolder and brighter than it was once before. 

This would seem largely to do with the fact that there have been many films and Netflix TV series' that have got us remembering it all again and for that we are really grateful.

In particular 'Halston' and 'Pose' on Netflix with their fabulous wardrobe designers- not only managed to give us a huge sense of the eighties but it also made us want to be transported to that era and sample all the fashion once more.


Halston Netflix


Pose Netflix



If you haven't seen Pose yet or Halston yet - you must. 

Pose is about New York based gender nonconforming drag ball culture in the 1980's. The characters in it are in groups called 'Houses'- which include a Mother, who is the head of a household and chief of a drag ball team.

All of the characters are dressed in the finest haute couture fashion when they compete in the balls- designed by wardrobe designer, Analucia McGorty.

Their outfits are so authentic of the time as well as being 'big,' 'loud' and cool. The characters also wear fabulous 1980s style sunglasses (as below.)


Elektra Pose Sunglasses

     (Electra- Pose, Netflix)



Halston, which is currently showing on Netflix is also responsible for the re-emergence of eighties style fashion we see at the moment.


The show is about the legendary fashion designer - Halston. Ewan Macgregor wears fabulous Aviator style glasses in the show ( as seen below.)


 Halston Sunglasses Look


Here are our chosen four styles from the eighties that inspire us:

Triangle Cat Eye Sunglasses


Electra from Pose wears these triangle cat eye sunglasses which we think look really cool.

Lady Gaga Triangle Sunglasses


Lady Gaga nowadays also wears triangle shaped sunglasses. 


Here are our recommended range of triangle style glasses here of various colors. 




Tom Cruise Wayfarers Style

Tom Cruise rocks this Wayfarer original black style in the film 1983 'Risky Business.' 

Blues Brothers Wayfarers

The blues brothers in the 1980 film were also famous for wearing wayfarer power glasses too!


Jason Patrick Wearing Wayfarers

Jason Patric wears wayfarers in the 1987 film 'Lost Boys.' Patric wears them to shield his face from the daylight as he is a vampire.

Here is our equivalent pair here available to buy now.





Val Kilmer Aviator Sunglasses


Val Kilmer plays the character 'Ice man' in the 1986 movie- Top Gun. We think he looks totally sexy and mysterious in his aviator shades. 


Tom Cruise Aviators


Tom Cruise also wears these in Top Gun. 

To Learn more about Aviators in more depth, including in history- check out our previous article, by clicking on the photo below.

Why We Love Aviators

Shop the look here



Eighties Bug Sunglasses 

Eighties bug sunglasses have made a huge re-birth over the last year or so. Eighties stars that used to wear them- include Sophia Loren and Elton John (see below)


Sophia Loren Bug Sunglasses

 (Sophia Loren)


Elton John Bug Sunglasses

(Elton John)

Nowadays we see huge stars such as Billy Porter from 'Pose' and Kim Kardashian wearing them.


Billy Porter Bug Sunglasses


(Billy Porter)

Kim Kardashian eighties sunglasses


(Kim Kardashian)

You can buy a similar pair here: 

My favorite out of the four glasses are most definitely the bug eye glasses.

If you like a pair of eighties style glasses that you haven't seen on this website- do let us know so we can write about it next time.


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