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5 Top Female Celebrities Glasses

5 Top Female Celebrities Glasses

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5 Top Female Celebrities Glasses.

There are some celebrities that really know how to rock different sunglasses styles . We have chosen our top five female celebrities glasses looks which we hope will inspire you and give you some ideas. 

Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian shades

Kim Kardashian is very daring with her style. She tends to wear square, half rimmed sunglasses which really show off her perfectly groomed thick eyebrows and accentuates her chin. It also offers a nice contrast to her natural curves in her body. Purchase our Kim glasses here:

half rimmed sunglasses

 Gwen Stefani

gwen stefani sunglasses

Gwen likes her Rectangular winged sunglasses. She has an oval face, so a rectangular style suits her. She has a very full pair of lips so the shape contrasts well. The sides of the vintage rectangular sunglasses, echo the shape of her jawline. We love this vintage fashion style. Check out our own pair (Elena)

cat eye sunglasses with square frame elena

Katy Perry

katy perry shades

Katy Perry is all about dressing for fun as well as being chic. We love how she embraces bold colors and exaggerated shapes that not everyone could get away with. Katy looks brilliant in heart shaped glasses frames, like the ones she wore in music video: 'This is how we do.' We reckon she has the most amazing dressing up box at home! Katy- we think you are a real fireworrrrkkkk!

heart shaped glasses black- milly
Meghan Markle

meghans fashion

We love the oversized cat eye sunglasses look on Meghan. Perfect for a or a smart sleek business look or formal occasion. The look fabulous on her, and really show off her oval shaped face. You can't help but notice how good her chin looks. Have a look at our equivalent look here: (Farryn)


cat eye glasses


Halle Berry

halle berry sunglasses

If you notice Halle Berry's sunglasses style, you will notice that she is the queen of the cute oversized glasses look. Her look is very reminiscent of the Jackie O glasses frames style in the 1960's. Here is our equivalent pair:

big balck sunglasses womens

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