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Are cat eye sunglasses in style?

Are cat eye sunglasses in style?

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Are cat eye sunglasses in style?

We look at sunglasses that are in style now and in the past....

Cat eye sunglasses are a timeless fashion piece that have never gone out of fashion and style. and this is mainly down to celebrities that have worn these in the past such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. Having cat eye glasses oozes femininity and sexiness and a certain level of boldness. A woman that normally wears cat eyes is confident to stand out and wants to leave a lasting impression. 

History of cat eye glasses

Cat eyes originated from the 1930's. Entrepreneur and fashion designer Alrina Schinasi walked into an Optician's office one day complaining how boring women's glasses were at that time. She felt they were missing glamour and romance. Her inspiration for the cat eye look came from Harlequin masks in Italy. She loved their expressiveness. This is why her first brand of Harlequin glasses was called 'The Harlequin.'

harlequin mask

It took her a long time to get interest in these glasses as they were seen as being too unusual at the time. However, eventually the stores were fighting over her designs until she was eventually credited by vogue for revolutionizing women's eyewear. 

By the time the 50's came along, huge movie stars and singers were wearing these styles of glasses. 

in 1961 Audrey Hepburn was seen wearing them in the infamous film- Breakfast at Tiffany. Her character Holly go-lightly was a social climber and needed to be a power dresser. Audrey’s fashion style in the film became iconic. 

audrey hepburn breakfast at tiffany's sunglasses

The choice of the cat eye sunglasses in the film was perfect for Audrey. Many actors choose an animal to help with their physical characteristics to develop a new character. We can see that she chose the cat, by the way she moves and glides. She is also always surrounded by cats in the film. She is also very much like a cat, by the way of her independence and street- savviness.

All of this would have cemented the whole cat eye look and helped to keep it's fame in fashion. 


What face shape can wear cat eye glasses?

We recommend that you use our guides here to get some ideas for your face shape. 

First of all- find out which face shape resembles you the most. This blog we have previously written will tell you everything you need to know about your own face shape. 

sunglasses by face shape

Here is a guide with some helpful tips on what style of cat shades you should opt for depending on your face shape.

Cat eye glasses for face shape

 Sunglasses for face shape

click on the image below to see our full range of cat eye sunglasses: 

buy cat eye sunglasses online

Embellished cat eye glasses

There is a rise in popularity in embellished glitter sunglasses at the moment. This look can work well to instantly glamorize any plain outfit in a few seconds. Grab yours by clicking on the picture below...

gold glitter cat eye glasses


Can guys wear cat eye sunglasses?

At Jadore sunglasses we believe that there are no rules as to who can wear our sunglasses. However, we only sell predominantly feminine styles. However, there are types of cat eye sunglasses that are predominantly masculine.

Buddy Holly in the 1950's used to wear cat eye sunglasses. For example, here are a pair of his famous oversized black eye glasses.

Buddy holly frames

Like many artists looking for a perfect image, he chose his image with some stylized spectacles.

Buddy Holly needed glasses as he was born near sighted. At 15 he was diagnosed with the condition, Myopia, and his parents took him to an optometrist who determined he had 20/800 vision in both eyes. 

Therefore his requirements were to be, fashionable and practical whilst he was on stage. He managed to turn all of his requirements into an iconic look.

Angular cat eye sunglasses- Naya

Angular cat eye sunglasses- Naya


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Oversized Tortoiseshell Cat Eye Sunglasses- Tamara

Oversized Tortoiseshell Cat Eye Sunglasses- Tamara


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Sparkly Cat Eye Sunglasses- Helen

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