Anti glare blue light glasses- useful or not?

Anti glare blue light glasses- useful or not?

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Let's discuss what anti glare blue light glasses do...

Anti Blue Sunglasses

These anti glare glasses were initially designed with the concept of reducing the amount of blue light that reaches your eyes. Blue light can be extremely damaging to eyes and can cause retina damage.

However- there is a huge 'BUT.' 

There has been a lot of research made by scientists where they disprove that blue light is a problem when it comes to using screens. In fact, it is so low that it isn't even factored into the equation.


What does blue lens glasses do?

According to some scientists at the University of Houston (2017) found that 58% of the people wearing the glasses were able to sleep better and had far increased melatonin levels.

Their reasoning was, the prevention of less blue light, meant that the participants were able to sleep, because their body was able to produce the hormone melatonin, which gets secreted by the body when it is dark. 

Bad sleep can result in depression, diabetes and a whole host of other serious illnesses- so when you think about it these glasses can really be very useful as a last resort.

Many physicians would recommend turning off lights when it gets dark or having a screen cut off time.

However- for people where this is too impossible, such as having the condition- insomnia, these glasses are particularly useful as a part of a whole treatment plan. 


These glasses are extremely useful, but not for the reasons many other people suppose. Computer screens or any kind of screen does not damage eyes. But, computers and screens can keep people less able to sleep- which in turn causes other issues.

The conclusion amongst scientists is that wearing these can be useful in addition to another treatment plan. 

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