Sunglasses Worn in the Serpent

Sunglasses Worn in the Serpent

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I don't know about you- but I was absolutely obsessed with the sunglasses worn in the Serpent - which is available to watch on Netflix.

For somebody who is constantly picking up style tips, I often unintentionally get inspired by something worn on Netflix. 

We mentioned in other articles that the eighties had seen a major revivals with programs such as Pose and Halston, but the same can also be said that the seventies has cropped up a lot too.

If you haven't seen the Serpent you must!

It is based on a true story about a serial killer called Charles Sobhraj, who is played by Algerian actor Tahar Rahim. Set in the South and Southeast Asia. 

Sobhraj was responsible for drugging and killing travelers on the hippy trail, in return for money and their passports. The first known killing was in 1975 and to this day, it is still unknown how many people for sure he actually killed as he is a compulsive liar.

Sobhraj is now incarcerated in prison in Nepal, serving a second period of time in prison and is stationed in Nepal after being arrested in 2003.

While I am not keen to glamourize a murderer and his accomplices of their deeds, I will completely commend the costume designers on this series and the fabulous actors in this series.

The fashion is at it's finest and depicts the seventies style incredibly well. I'm thinking Bridget Bardot, Jackie Kennedy, George Harrison and Marianne Faithfull. This takes us back in time to a retro style fashion that has long been admired.

Let's have a look at all the characters' sunglasses for some style inspiration...and we will provide you with our own equivalent styles at a fraction of the cost of the designer pairs worn on the show. 

Tahar Rahim- Serpent Sunglasses

Sunglasses Worn in the Serpent


Tahar Rahim wears classic aviators, that have an unmistakable heavy seventies style to them. This look perfectly encapsulates his character as a criminal trying to keep secrets with his oversized frames. 

To complete the look, we have a few recommended products.


The Serpent Sunglasses- Jenna Coleman

Jenna Coleman- The Serpent

Jenna Coleman's character in the Serpent is a real seventies 'clothes horse.' She plays Charles' lover and arguably his accomplice and many people are raving about her square sunglasses that she wears in several scenes. 

We have come up with our own recommended version of this style, which will be less pricey than the designer pair she wears and kicks off that seventies vibe.

If you are looking for more style inspiration in the seventies and eighties era, this article about the sunglasses that Ewan McGregor wears in the Netflix drama, Halston- may be for you.

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